Enchanting Villas in Mani, Greece


Conveniently situated in the picturesque village of Stoupa in Mani, Greece, Tseralia Houses bring the notion of holiday accommodation to a whole other level. The natural landscape, the uncompromising views to the sea and authentic regional architecture invite you to experience your very own fairytale in a tower-like home taking you back in time. Only 24 km away from the town of Kalamata, 31 km from Kalamata airport and 28 km from Sparti, Tseroulia Houses provide the perfect base for your excursions in Messenia, in the historic region of the Mani peninsula, as well as the most famous sightseeing spots and attractions. If you wish to visit Tseralia Houses and you are wondering how to get to Stoupa let us ease your anxiety. The advancements in infrastructure have made the journey from Athens to Kalamata as easy as breeze. All you need to do is head to Kalamata where you will arrive in less than three hours and continue about a 36 km drive towards Stoupa.

The Scenic Village of Stoupa, Mani

Stoupa, Mani is a small, laid-back yet up-beat resort with a picturesque harbor, a bustling beachside promenade and two of the most famous beaches of the region, Stoupa and Kalogria. Set spectacularly against a backdrop of crystalline aqua-blue waters, majestic cypress trees, wild olive groves, verdant rolling hills and distant snowcapped mountains, it is the liveliest of villages in the region offering all kinds of activities, tours and hiking adventures for everyone to enjoy. The area features a great assortment of places to eat and drink for all tastes and preferences as well as many options for entertainment and leisure. The best way to explore Stoupa at your own pace and convenience is by car as it gives you the opportunity to uncover all of its beauties and explore the region from side to side.


Stoupa is a newly built little village which has become a famous tourist resort. Its initial name was Potamos (River) after the river that crossed the area but later on was renamed Stoupa after the “stoupia” that the inhabitants used to soak in the water in order to soften them and be able to elaborate them more easily. Stoupa’s 2 scenic, shallow, sandy beaches are well organized. The crystal waters attract visitors from all parts of the world. The diversity of the scenery is breathtaking. Small rivers, amazing caves, small ports and islands, the hill and the castle on top, are all in great harmony. Excursions in the region can offer you many thrills. Restaurants and taverns, bars and cafes cover every taste and every fashion. Particularly the beautiful beach of Kalogria is famous around the world because of Kazantzakis and Zorbas living there in 1917. It was there that they developed their friendship which later on led to Kazantzakis’ masterpiece “Zorba the Greek”

Mani is a region in Southern Peloponnese, Greece with a unique historical, architectural, geographical and cultural identity.

Taygetus which is the highest mountain of Peloponnese frames the whole landscape of Mani and attracts the interest of researchers and travelers from around the world for its wild beauty, its paths, the forest of Vasiliki and the unique gorges of Viros and Rintomo.

The region of Mani is well-known for its of traditional villages, towers and castles while there are more than a thousand of old Byzantine churches.

At the Old town of Kardamili one can visit the impressive castellated towers and the Byzantine Temple of Saint Spyridon.

Other places of unique interest are the mountainous villages of Tseria, Pirgos, Thalames, Milea, Lagkada as well as the coastal ones of Aghios Nicolaos and Trachila..

Within the greater region of Messinia one can visit the palace of Nestor which is one of the most important monuments of the ancient Mycenaean era as well as the ancient Messini which is the best preserved ancient city in Greece with its public buildings, temples, fortresses and houses.

Other areas of interest are Polylimnio a gorge with waterfalls and a cluster of lakes, Diros Cave, and Vathia village in Laconia which is a well preserved and imposing settlement with towers and castles; a characteristic example of the traditional architecture of Mani